MSL Christmas Event 2020 Day 14




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Christmas Event Day 14

Dear Diary,

It’s Day 14 in Monster Super League‘s Christmas Event which means, today is the very last day to finish everything off.

Unlike what I thought back on Day 12, I was able to successfully gather the last of my Rudolph’s to complete the collection.

The RNG Gods shined on me and I was 1 hit wondering each Rudolph that came my way.

Now that I am done with this event, I was be safekeeping the rest of my Special Exotic Astrochips for the next events. They don’t get removed and you can effectively stack the as much as you want if you are saving them for a specific exotic capture event.

It’s never a bad thing to have too many but you feel at a loss when you have too little.

Further, remember to use your Exotic Event Lucky Ticket for the Lottery!!!

As for what I received, pretty much junk; A bunch of Coins and fruits, which honestly isn’t anything nice besides 1x Dark/Light 3-5* Egg.

5* Rebirth Festival – Fire Draka?

Draka Festival Summon
Dragon Rebirth Festival

In other news, Draka is back to summon using 3x Natural 5.

You might be asking who is Draka, Draka is the main DPS Pillars for a lot of content currently.

It’s not a bad idea to get her, even though she is quite expensive, as she cost Nat5 Astromons to summon. However, on the upside she will one of the strongest additions to your team. Very worth the price.

Don’t regret it and get her before she leaves again as she is only available during special summon events.

Some guides which includes Draka is our Tower of Chaos, Golems Guides and Dragon Tower Guide.

For me, way to much, I wasted so much time constantly with storymode when I could be auto-running golems.