MSL Christmas Event 2020 Day 12




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Christmas Event Day 12

Dear Diary,

It’s Day 12 in Monster Super League‘s Christmas Event and there just a little over 2 days until it’s over.

Have you finished your Snowee & Rudolph Exotic Astromons collection yet?

For me, I have not, only finished Snowee’s Collection but still struggling with off Rudolph.

I only have Wood Rudolph left to go, but need a total of 14 more with under 20 Astrochips.

I’m not too hopeful at this point, I’m also struggling to find Rudolph as I only encounter Snowee, looks like bad RNG is starting to affect me towards the end.

Will the Exotic Astromons Come Back?

Evo3 Light Rudolph

Yes, they will, there is no need to panic over it.

If it does not come back next year, it will be around the year after. It may not be a satisfying feeling for all the collectors out there but exotic Astromons always make a return appearance.

I personally would not suggest in using any gleems for it, especially since they are not super great Astromons at all.

Light Snowee is pretty good but it’s super squishy and DPS is still lackluster compared to others.

Instead, I rather stay focused on a few of my Astromons I would like to get together, such as my 2nd Fire Draka, Wood Onmyoji & Water Nightmare.

Just like most Exotic Events, It completely takes away my Golem Farming time as such since I want to start building a team to auto above B11. Golem B11 just doesn’t feel like it’s cutting it for me. I’m kind of at this ceiling point where I need quite a bit of stronger Astromons to break through since Golem 12 have ridiculous amount of Resist to sap efficiently.

Out of curiously, how many of you guys run story-mode and completely forget about it.

For me, way to much, I wasted so much time constantly with storymode when I could be auto-running golems.

Blah, this is why i prefer non-capture events in MSL much better.

I remember the events back in 2017s was way more engaging. We had do content xyz times and you can spin the wheel for prizes.

Whatever happened to those events? I wish they bring back some fun engaging stuff instead of these boring capture exotic events each year.

Auto-Story & Forget
1 Hour of Idle “AFK”