MSL Trinket Persephone Rates Up October 2021

Monster Super League

Here I am, summoning for the Persephone trinkets again during the new Trinket Revamp to include the exclusive trinkets. I did over 50 summons when it first came out out of excitement for the new system and totally forget to get the cameras rolling, only to be met with utter disappointment as I didn’t even get 1 of them. Couple weeks later, during anniversary 2x Crystal event, I saved up over 15k gems, let’s give it one more try.

Monster Super League Trinket System has no “pity system” when summoning trinkets but it does have one when you division an trinket you do not need. You either get lucky and get something decent, or you division ALOT to finally exchange for a exclusive trinket. It’s a pretty brutal system. If it wasn’t for end-game Astromons needing their specific trinkets to attain Ultimate Form, I wouldn’t bother summoning for trinkets ever.

Let’s get into it, I totally skipped Hero Festival for this, so this better be worth my time and Astrogems.

Trinket Summoning – Persephone Rates Up

With my budget 15k, I reckon I would at least complete Persephone’s Trinket set right, not asking for much. Let’s see if I was right.

That’s a total of 39 pulls, ridiculous honestly.

  • Exclusive Trinket x 1
  • Everything else x 428

At around 25 pulls or so, I just felt like quitting MSL honestly, was honestly thinking “Rates UP”, are they just trolling us or am I just that unlucky. I did felt slightly better when I received the Exclusive trinket at pull 30. However, I saw my gems were running super low and at that point, I knew i wasn’t going get anymore with the little gems I got left. I used most of it anyways since 2x Crystal Event was still ongoing. Left jut a bit of gems for my daily runs energy refills.

So this pull recorded so far – Ratio-ing at 0.23% for getting an random exclusive trinket.

Honestly, this is ridiculous, this is probably why they have the pity dust system that takes forever to gather.

Trinket Pulls

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