MSL Trinket Valkyrie Rates Up December 2021

Monster Super League

Here I am, summoning trinkets not in hopes to get some Valkyrie trinkets but more to get some Crystals to summon Nat5 skillbooks during the Black Friday Crystal Sales.

I had no faith in getting an exclusive Trinket anyways. Further, I needed to get some trinkets to dissembler as Black Friday Sales also extends to Crystal Dusts dropping in price.

Monster Super League Trinket System went under a complete overhaul a few months back, it now has a “pity system” summoning trinkets. You would dissemble all the useless trinkets to get Crystal Dusts back to purchase either more chances or an exclusive trinket outright. Exclusive Astromon trinkets are needed to attain Ultimate Form for certain Astromons. Currently there are only three Astromons capable of the Ultimate form; Arthur, Persephone and Valkyrie.

Since I’m using my Astrogems on Trinkets I probably skip Hero Festival that is coming in a few weeks, so this better be worth my time and Astrogems.

Trinket Summoning – Valkyrie Rates Up

I purchased a few trinkets already a few days prior to already grabbed 3 Nat 5 skillbooks but I totally forget to record so It’s going to be a shorter video and summon. Overall the previous pulls, I never gotten an exclusive either.

That’s a total of 13 pulls this time in order to get 150 Crystals.

  • Exclusive Trinket x 0
  • Everything else x 143

So this pull recorded so far – Ratio-ing at 0% for getting an random exclusive trinket. Infact, besides the free Arthur set I got, I only have 2 Persephone Trinkets of the same slot which one was from exchanging my dusts. I really loathe this new Trinket system.

Trinket Pulls

Nat5 Skill Book Pulls

These two ain’t so bad either, for a Clan Player, Garuda would be a great addition for the wood element while Persephone would be great for Fire, Water Light or even Dark.

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