MSL Primo Festival July 2023

Monster Super League

MSL - Dark Midsummer Miho
Dark Midsummer Miho

This is the second time Midsummer Miho has been around to be obtained in Monster Super League, the first time I was on a break so I was happy to spend my gems this time around in Primo Festival Event. Basically all of the elements for Midsummer Miho is pretty much great to have but the two that really caught my interest was Water and Light. Water Midsummer Miho is currently the only Nat5 Astromon with the skill Puncture as an active ability. The skill puncture is super good in PVE content as it ignores the enemies armor and nukes down anything in it’s way. This type of Astromon is super needed for high level end-game content where the armor is so high, your Astromons tickles the bosses, for example the latest content addition, Dimensional Ancient Golem.

Just like majority of my pulls, I will be releasing my Nat 3 Astromons for enchant materials for my teams I am building in order to Ascend them. Which would be this all the elements I obtain during the pull. Fingers crossed, I will get at least 1 of each element.

Let’s get into it, this will be my third Primo Festival I have ever pulled. I have about 19k gems along with 5 of the 10+1 pull tickets which is totaling about 36 pulls or 396 total summons which is short of the cap 600. So I’ll only being doing the half of the track for the first L/D Midsummer Miho Egg.

Primo Festival

Primo Festival happens sometime between Clan and Hero Festival of each month typically the start of each month. It’s the newest ongoing monthly festival event that happens in Monster Super Leagues and tends to promote super rare Astromons that don’t come back for awhile such as the Midsummer Miho. During this time, Natural 5 Astromons of the chosen Primo Astromon chances are increased.

Including all the eggs in between, I got a total of 9 Nat 5s during this pull. This would be most likely the best summon ratio pulls I have ever done in MSL. Although, I didn’t get light or wood, Water and Dark is good and will be both built while Fire would be upgraded to Evo 3 but will not be built for the mean time.

x 5
x 70
x 288

Next time around I’ll see if I can make more gems to do more pulls but usually 15k or so is my highest I tend to get month by month. If you want to learn how I make Astrogems don’t forget to read my Astrogem Guide.

In thirty-three pulls, I received 5 x 5* which does not count the freebies nat5 i gotten so that’s pretty much 1.37%.

I received quite a bit of Nat 4 which ended up at 19.28% which is pretty good, although I don’t have many uses for them anymore so they might end up being released as well.

I ended up using the Legendary Eggs that was given for free during the Primo Summons and didn’t get a single Nat5 from them which was kind of to be expected anyways.

Then I used my League Tickets for some Light/Dark Eggs pulls which didn’t yield any results either besides Light Jeanne but I already have one so that’s that.

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