MSL Primo Festival April 2023

Monster Super League

Light Gilgamesh

It’s been a year and a half since I pulled during a Primo Festival Event in Monster Super League. Which is actually funny since the last time I pulled during Primo was also for Gilgamesh back in July 2021 although I did not get a dark one. I wouldn’t even say I didn’t have enough Gems back then as we pulled exactly the same amount up until the 300 total summons mark. It was more due to since the rules for Primo Festival has changed now making Light & Dark a 50-50 chance at 300 total summons as opposed to all 5-element pool. This making it a lot much easier for players to get Dark Gilgamesh which I would arguably say it is one of the best Wave clearers/nukers in game since it is basically the ultimate version of Fire & Light Draka but Dark and Stronger, an Astromon that can be used in nearly all forms of content farming without worrying too much about elemental disadvantage.

Just like majority of my pulls, I will be releasing my Nat 3 Astromons for enchant materials for my teams I am building. Which would be this Dark Gilgamesh if I can get him that is. Otherwise, I would be saving it for something else that I would probably need for the new teams I need to build towards clearing Dimensional Ancient Golem.

Let’s get into it, this will be my second Primo Festival I have ever pulled. I am ready to go all in with my gems for that Dark Gilgamesh, after all I have just returned and do have 20k Gems along with 16 10+1 pull tickets which is totalling about 50 pulls or 550 total summons just short of the cap 600 but surely, I would get it before I cap out.

Primo Festival

Primo Festival happens sometime between Clan and Hero Festival of each month. It’s the newest ongoing monthly festival event that happens in Monster Super Leagues. During this time, Natural 5 Astromons of the chosen Primo Astromon chances are increased.

I wanted to believe I had luck after I just returned from the game, but after like 20 pulls and not even a 5 star really did hurt me, and I wanted to rage quit the game again. Glad, I did stick around though since I was able to get both Light and Dark Gilgamesh by the time, I hit 300 Total Summons. Below, the counters do not include the free Gilgamesh eggs when reaching each milestone.

x 1
x 47
x 238

Not too bad as I can just gleem my Dark Gilgamesh to Evo 3 which is what I did leaving me over 14k Gems or so to gamble in a Heroes festival or something. If you want to learn how I make Astrogems don’t forget to read my Astrogem Guide.

In twenty-six pulls (2 short of my last Gilgamesh Primo pull attempt), I received 1 x 5* which was just a stupid silly rate here.

So this pull recorded so far – Ratio-ing at 0.35% of getting a Nat 5 & 16.43% for a Nat 4.

Not sure if my luck here was just terrible or the rates have been nerfed when I was away, if anyone knows, please send in a msg and let me know.

Overall, I may have been screwed over on the natural 5 this time, but I will forgive the system since I did get both the Light and Dark Gilgamesh although I don’t see myself using the light version at all.

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