MSL October Legendary Light/Dark Egg Pull

High Light/Dark Egg Pulls

After returning from my long vacation on Monster Super League, exactly after a month of return, MSL has rewarded me with “Welcome back” return login rewards which includes the Legendary Light & Dark Eggs. Let’s check if I gotten anything nice with these eggs this time around. Side note, I accidentally opened one of my <Heroic> Golden Egg from who knows where by accidentally so there is that. Clearly was disappointed since I didn’t get a Light or Dark Astrmon from that either.


x 1
x 2

A total of 3 eggs with 1 of them 100% 5* Guaranteed, I could for sure say 100% Nat4 rate only.

With my Light/Dark 4* Ticket, I went ahead and grabbed a light Succubus as that was one of the Nat4 Light Astromons I really wanted. While I hoped I would of gotten a Light Banshee or something as I gotten most of the Light Nat4s I wanted. As for the Dark Nat4, I still need a Dark Succubus and Dark Jeanne, while I would still welcome most of the other ones, even if I do not use them they will contiune to be part of my Evo3 Astromon Collection.

So In the end, I got another Light Leo, which is a shame since I already have one despite not using and a Dark Loki which is a nice addition. Not sure if I would use Loki but at the very least it was something I didn’t have before.

I apologize for the different video screen size since I recorded the first one incorrectly.

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