MSL April Legendary Dark & Secret Egg Pull

High Light/Dark Egg Pulls

After returning from my long vacation on Monster Super League, like nearly a year this time, I had quite a bit of Secret Eggs, Legendary Dark Egg and a few other goodies. So, let’s check if I gotten anything nice with these eggs this time around. I also spent some crystals to open a Legendary Dark Egg since I was feeling a little good with myself, let’s see what I would get.

Legendary Secret Egg (4-5* RGB only) Results

x 3
x 23

Heroic Secret Egg (5* RGB only) Results

High Light/Dark Egg (3-5* L/D only) Results

x 0
x 1
x 27

While those results were pretty much along with not getting any Nat5 I wanted such as a Wood Sariel or some more Aesir to Evo3 both my Wood and Water one I went and tried my luck on the Legendary Dark Egg from the Crystal shop just to get a Dark Hana. Which may sound great for some people, but I already have 1 or 2 or even 3, I can’t even remember at this point, so it was worthless to me. Further, might skip Hero Festival this time and wait next month hoping for either a Nightmare or Aesir, since they haven’t appeared since October 2022 and November 2021 respectively.

I still have like 500+ High Secret Eggs which I’ll open up another time, maybe I’ll get a few useful 5* from them.

No video this time, way to disappointed at my RNG to upload to youtube.

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