MSL Legendary Dark Egg November 2021

Monster Super League

Luckily for me, double Crystal was up last month to celebrate Monster Super League‘s 5th Anniversary. I, like may other players capitalized on it as much as possible spending all my Astrogems I collected on summoning either Astromons or Trinkets. In the end, I ended up with just slightly over 3,000 Crystals ready to use.

This was enough for 1x <Legendary> Light or Dark Egg.

As I had a real good feeling I wasn’t going to get anything decent during the 4★ Light/Dark Eggs given out on Anniversary Login Rewards, I used the 4★ L/D scroll on a Dark Yuki to ensure I have her. As expected, I got a Dark Tigar once again from the egg. While I don’t really need any other Dark 4★ Astromons besides Dark Succubus, I really didn’t need light 4★ either. For the time being, this will be my last time I pulled an Legendary L/D Egg until I have booked majority of my core Nat5 Astromons.

Legendary Dark Egg

As for my last pull for awhile, I really hoped I get something decent or even useful.

Well, Dark Vampire is actually a solid sapper. It’s an Defender type and also a double sapper, although it’s passive skill only last 1 turn, it is still a triple sap and also at 100%. It’s active is a bit lacking as it is double sap and only 2 turns with 80% when booked either. I would say it’s a downgrade from a Dark Yuki but still a very solid sapper if you don’t have multiple Sappers to use.

All in all, while I honestly wanted a Dark Aesir but that’s probably just wishful thinking. I haven’t gotten a single Nat5 Dark Astromon from an egg or summon, what are my chances to start now…

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