MSL Hero Festival March 2021

4-5 Star Gem Egg Pull
Light Wendigo

Monster Super League

Monster Super League has been officially my go-to Hero Collector Gacha Mobile Game in 2021. Monster Super League is a Monster collector Gachapon Game that boost to have over 500+ unique Monsters types to collect. There is always an event going at any time of the year which can provide both an addicting feel to or completely overwhelm an brand new player. In the recent years, 433 has heavily Pay2Win monetized Monster Super League which was one of the main reasons that contributed towards playing on and off.

I have been playing MSL since 2016, as a Free 2 Play player, never spent a cent and never considered to spend either. I find it quite enjoyable and still able to maintain quite competitive in the PVP Leagues area as that’s the content I enjoy playing. I still make over 10,000 Astrogems monthly without much effort to spend on Hero Festival, take a read at my Astrogem Farming Guide if you want to learn how to make over 10,000 Astrogems while just passively playing the game monthly.

While they are two main types of Festivals each month, I always go the Hero Festival since I really wanted both Light and Dark Balrona, I already have variant copies and fodder Balrona ready to Evo3 them the moment I get them!

Hero Festival

Hero Festival happens sometime during the middle of each month. It’s a ongoing monthly event that happens in Monster Super Leagues. During this time, you are able to pull special Astromons that are not found anywhere else in the game. One of them was the Light Artemis that I pulled.

This month, I made over 12k this time around, this was largely due to the exotics event allowed me to complete my collection for both Light and Water Jiangshi as well as Dark and Light Shellie. Boosting my Astrogems this month nicely.

I’m feeling pretty lucky since I have a bigger budget than usually, I want my Light or Dark Balrona. Maybe it’s finally time I will get her? Let’s find out

x 2
x 36
x 182

This has been one of the biggest pulls I done in awhile, usually I don’t pull more than 10k gems worth.

In twenty pulls, I received 2 x 5* where I was hoping for a minimum of 3 and only 36 4* which was a little disappointing.

So this pull recorded so far – Ratio-ing at 0.90% of getting a Nat 5 & 16.36% for a Nat 4.

One of the lowest pull rates ever, where Nat5 is not even at 1% chance while Nat 4 was at 16%, low in my personally opinion but much better than previous pulls.

I did receive a Nat5 super earlier, maybe this was Karma looking upon me due to my last few bad egg pulls. I even gotten 2 Nat5s. despite being completely useless to me, they are Nat5s never-the-less. I also got a Loki aswell which completed my Evo3 Fire Loki for Sapp team for Golem B14.

As for the Light Balrona, looks like March isn’t my month. I even pulled a Crystal Egg that cost 1800 Crystals and only received a Light Wendigo. While Light Wendigo is pretty good for Clan Titans due to having Courageous Strike as a passive skill, I don’t particularly focus in that area of content.

Instead, I want to build my waifu team so I can show off in Leagues while being high ranked! So, April, please karma, give me my Light or Dark Balrona; in fact, just give me both, it’s been years now.