MSL Hero Festival January 2022

Monster Super League

Hero Festival Sep 2021 Wood Merlin

I didn’t pull during Hero Festival last month in December since I did trinkets instead, take a read if I won big or did poorly here. Anyways, even though I did pull for Clan Festival just earlier this month, I was ready to do some more pulls to get my L/D Balrona.

Monster Super League Hero Festival is the only one that does not have a “pity system” when summoning Astromons. There is absolutely no insurance that you will even get an Natural 5 Astrogem, regardless of how much Astrogems you throw at it. However, instead, it has a 2x system instead, where you will receive a free Nat 5 Egg if you manage to summon an Natural 5 Astrogem.

Let’s get into it, Hero Festival is one of the main highlights for me in Monster Super League as I am trying for both Light and Dark Balrona for years now.

Hero Festival

Hero Festival happens sometime during the middle of each month. It’s a ongoing monthly event that happens in Monster Super League. During this time, you are able to pull special Astromons that are not found anywhere else in the game. One of them was the Light Artemis that I pulled.

I have a total of 12k Astrogems to use this month, if we are going off previous trends, 2 Natural 5 Astromon should be super possible considering how terrible my luck has been with this game or just overall in life too.

x 1
x 25
x 117

Well, despite predicting to get least 2 Nat5, I only got one. I had 4k Astrogems left but I highly doubt 6 more pulls would of made a difference. I ain’t that lucky! I didn’t get any Nat4 I really wanted either, I wanted some Lupin to Evo3 my Dark Lupin but got a big fat nothing on that. Only positive side is, another Wood Merlin which is super nice for Clan Titan fights.

Overall, in twenty pulls, speaking of numbers, ratio-ing at 0.69% of getting a Nat 5 & 17.48% for a Nat 4.

While 0.69% for a Nat5 was not the lowest rate I seen or gotten before, it’s still pretty depressing after doing 13 pulls.

As for the Light or Dark Balrona, looks like 2022 isn’t off to a good start and January isn’t my month either. I’ll look forward to Hero Festival in February.

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