MSL Hero Festival February 2021

Wood Balrona via Egg Pulled in Feb
Wood Balrona

Monster Super League

I have been playing Monster Super League on and off since 2016 after Nexon shut down one of my favorite Gacha Game; Monster Squad. Since then, MSL has been the monster/hero collector gacha game that has filled that hole.

Monster Super League is a Monster collector Gachapon Game that boost to have over 500+ unique Monsters types to collect. There is always an event going at any time of the year which can provide both an addicting feel to or completely overwhelm an brand new player. In the recent years, 433 has heavily Pay2Win monetized Monster Super League which was one of the main reasons that contributed towards playing on and off.

Despite it’s P2W elements, I been playing as a Free 2 Play player as it is still enjoyable to a degree, and what’s not there to like when it is super easy to make over 10,000 Astrogems monthly to spend on Hero Festival? Read my Astrogem Farming Guide if you want to also make over 10,000 Astrogems while just passively playing the game monthly.

While they are two main types of Festivals each month, I always go the Hero Festival since I really wanted both Light and Dark Balrona, I already have variant copies and fodder Balrona ready to Evo3 them the moment I get them!

Hero Festival

Hero Festival happens sometime during the middle of each month. It’s a ongoing monthly event that happens in Monster Super Leagues. During this time, you are able to pull special Astromons that are not found anywhere else in the game. One of them was the Light Artemis that I pulled.

I had to spend 990 Astrogems on the upgraded ship just so I can store some of my Astromons away to help me out during gacha pulls. Thus saying, I only have 9000 odd gems this time to throw at the gacha machine. However, I do have 2 free tickets this time which is equivalent to having 1200 more gems.

I’m feeling pretty lucky today, I just want 1 of two things, but praying for both. 1x Nightmare and 1x Yaksha.

This will allow me to Evo3 my League Defense Squad substitute candidates.

So let’s see what we got this time around

x 2
x 39
x 146

I was getting a little worried towards the end, despite getting so many Nat4s throughout the pulls, I really wanted another Nat 5. It just felt as if I was owed it at that point. I felt like I was spending so much gems with so little return, despite the first Nat5 being great in Clan battles, It was content I was not actively pushing to progress through. It felt lacking and I wanted something better.

However, a variant Balrona was more than I could ever ask for; yay to my Balrona Army!

This has been one of the most successful pulls I had in a very long time.

9000 Gems + 2 free pulls = 17 total pulls.

I gotten at least 1 of the two I desperately wanted, in addition to another Balrona. YAY, currently my favourite Astromons in game. Now I just need a Light/Dark and I’ll have my harem started.

As mentioned prior, this would be a really good pull, simply because I got 2 Nat 5 and an abundant amount of Nat4s..

I still received 2 5* and whooping 39 4*.

Best pulls recorded so far – Ratio-ing at 1.06% of getting a Nat 5 & 20.85% for a Nat 4.

Slightly higher than last week in terms of Nat4 summons but overall a lot higher due to 2 Nat 5s. Never-the-less, it was much better than January’s Hero Festival.