MSL Hero Festival December 2020

Monster Super League

December Hero Festival Bonus Egg Loot
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One of my favorite mobile games was Monster Squad by Nexon.

Unfortunately, Nexon was the publisher of this title and it eventually went under and closed.

Since then, my misses and I have been looking for anything just was similar to play. Shortly after, we found Monster Super League. I fell in love with this game with it’s cute aesthetics and character designs.

Further, It’s one of those Hero Collector via Gachapon types which has that addicting feel to it. While It first came out, the game was very addicting and didn’t feel all too Pay 2 Win. There was P2W elements but it wasn’t as noticeable as it is nowadays.

Since MSL Beta, I been playing it on and off, majority of the time was due to not able to get certain Astromons despite blowing tons of Gems on Gacha Pulls. Being a Free 2 Play player was super restricting as Gem Farming quite annoying and tedious at times. Considering how you could get x amount of gems for pulls with just a swipe of a card.

Throughout the years, I have NEVER gotten any Light/Dark Nat 5s. This isn’t counting the contract Astromons nor Light Shiva, since as far as I am concerned it is a long-term contract Astromon that require lots of effort and work to achieve.

However, after a few years of playing, my luck finally changed, I was super hyped today when I pulled a Light Artemis. It was actually a shame, I stopped recording before I accepted the Free Egg from Mail so it wasn’t on the video.

Hero Festival

Hero Festival happens sometime during the middle of each month. It’s a ongoing monthly event that happens in Monster Super Leagues. During this time, you are able to pull special Astromons that are not found anywhere else in the game. One of them was the Light Artemis that I pulled.

x 1
x 13
x 96

While this is a very average pull, getting a Nat 5 in 10 pulls is quite standard in the industry being at 0.90% of receiving a Nat5.

On the other hand, Nat 4s feels a little lacking as it was only a 11.8% chance. Overall, it wasn’t too bad at all. I received a few Astromons I really wanted such as the the Victoria and Curas I can use for feeding Astromons later on.