MSL Hero Festival April 2021

Monster Super League

Heroic April 2021 Fire Sunwukong
Fire Sun Wukong

Monster Super League has been my go-to game for Hero Collection Gacha. I first tried it in 2016, and was hooked from the moment I saw the Astromons I was able to collect. Monster Super League is a Gachapon game where players can collect over 600 unique monster types with 5 different element types. There is always an event occurring at any time of the year that could overwhelm a new player, however, it can also keep any veteran player at it’s toes. In the recent years, 433 has heavily Pay2Win monetized Monster Super League which was one of the main reasons that contributed towards playing on and off.

I have been playing MSL since 2016, as a Free 2 Play player, never spent a cent and never considered to spend either. I find it quite enjoyable and still able to maintain quite competitive in the PVP Leagues area as that’s the content I enjoy playing. I still make over 10,000 Astrogems monthly without much effort to spend on Hero Festival, take a read at my Astrogem Farming Guide if you want to learn how to make at least 10,000 Astrogems while just passively playing the game monthly.

While they are two main types of Festivals each month, I have always gone with pulling during Hero Festival purely for the fact that it’s the only way to get both the Light and Dark Balrona.

Hero Festival

Hero Festival happens sometime during the middle of each month. It’s a ongoing monthly event that happens in Monster Super League. During this time, you are able to pull special Astromons that are not found anywhere else in the game. One of them was the Light Artemis that I pulled.

This month, I have 2 main focus during this Hero Festival, and 1 side goal.

  • Main Goal 1 – get as much Nat3s as possible for Dark Mona Gacha
    • If I do succeed in a Dark Mona, it will greatly boost my farming teams such as Golem Dungeons
  • Main Goal 2 – Get my last 3 Lupins to Evo 3 my Wood Lupin for Fusion
  • Side Goal – Get Light Balrona

As we know, I wasted about 150 eggs during the start of April as I did not see Dark Mona Gacha. I was pretty devastated, then I opened over 100 mixed eggs for Nat3s to feed for Dark Mona which also resulted in nothing

I had 2 more chances basically, Hero Festival which should give me over 200+ Nat3s and then near end of April, I should have gathered give or take 100 more mixed eggs.

Rebirth April 2021 Dark Mona
Dark Mona

Let’s find out if how many of my goals I was able to achieve this month.

x 1
x 32
x 125

It looks like Karma is finally smiling down on me this time around.

Ratio as the following, this is including the 4 Legendary Eggs I opened and not Heroic as they are Always Nat5s.

  • Nat 5 Chance: 0.63%
  • Nat 4 Chance: 20.25%

During Rebirth, I was able to pull a Dark Mona on the 57th pull & on the 60th pull, which both Dark Monas came with a square slot and two diamond slots. I would of preferred 2 squares and 1 triangle but, how many years now since I waited for Dark Mona. Beggars can’t be choosers.

While, I achieved my Main Goal 1, I was only able to get 1 more lupin, so that’s still pending. As for the Light Balrona, looks like April isn’t my month either.