MSL October High Light/Dark Egg Pull

High Light/Dark Egg Pulls

I have taken another long vacation on Monster Super League, but I am now back. I had 20 High Light/Dark Egg stacked up among other things. For now, let’s just see if lady luck is on our side for returning to MSL after nearly a year long break.


x 0
x 3
x 17

A total of 20 eggs yet not even a single Nat 5 which was honestly to be expected, however getting 3 Nat4 Light/Dark Astromon was really surprising. Not just any old Nat4 but a Light Yuki which I don’t even have after all this time made my day.

Finally with the Light Yuki in my Collection I am able to make some adjustments to my Farming Teams now while the rest will be released for more RNG enhancements if I don’t need them for Evo3 Astromon Collection.

I already have way too many Dark Tigars so when I received another one, I was a little annoyed while Light Wendigo is always good for clan titans since it’s a Light CSer.

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