MSL November High Secret Egg Pull

High Secret Egg Pulls

I pulled this November purely due to Crowhook 3★ Rebirth Event. I needed 3★ Astromons to use as materials and what’s better to use then ones from a High Secret Egg Pull. However, I wasn’t thinking ahead and only did 19 pulls despite having more eggs to do way more but my Gold supply ran out. Blame Tina, she is the root cause of why my gold supply is never high in Monster Super League ever. Luckily, I got both the Dark and Light Crowhook and I can Evo3 both of the leisurely without anymore worries.


x 0
x 13
x 177

A total of 190 eggs yet not even a single Nat 5 and to make it worse, only a ratio of 6.84% chance of pulling a Nat 4, this was quite a lower than last month’s pull which also had no Nat5s either.

Either way, I got what I was looking for which was the Light & Dark Crowhook while the rest will be released for more RNG enhancements yay.

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