MSL December High Secret Egg Pull

High Secret Egg Pulls

Last time I pulled was back in November 2021, where I pulled 190 High Secret Eggs. It’s results were pretty meh as I didn’t even get a single Nat5 during that time. I have been playing on & off MSL since then. Decided to spend some gold and pull 500ish High Secret Eggs as I was running low on Enhancement’s Mythic Essences for Ascension, more specifically, to ascend Wood Okeanos for Water Dimensional Ancient Golem. This was why in the video below, you would see me basically releasing everything. As someone who is pretty much collected most old Astromons for Nat4 and below, they really serve little to no purpose for me besides enhancement essence fodder.

x 2
x 53
x 485

Received roughly ~8552 essences from Nat3s alone and roughly 4015 essences from some of the nat4 I released.

A total of 540 eggs and only a single Nat 5 sounds pretty fair without doing any maths, but with maths, the ratio of pulling a Nat 4 was 9.81% and 0.37% for a Nat5.

Either way, I generated a decent amount of essences to get fully ascended for my Wood Okeanos with the stats I want and at least 50% above the ascended bar (hopefully).

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