MSL Black Friday Festival November 2023

Monster Super League

This is the very first time we had a Black Friday Festival. This is currently hands down the most rewarding summon festival, however it is very costly. You would need to fill the jar all 4 times to receive the ending rewards, similar to Clan Festival. If you are able to spend over ~34k gems you would be 100% guaranteed a L/D Nat5 Egg, otherwise, if you have a very active Clan, you can spend considerably less gems to fill the pot 4 times. For me, I pulled currently a total 50 times which is about 30k gems and i am still 150 points off the last completion. Hopefully I make 3k gems to finish it off in the last 2 days.

Just like all my previous festival pulls, I will be releasing my Nat 3 & Nat 4 Astromons for enchant materials, hopefully I get something decent that I can start building right away.

Let’s get into it, this will be my first Black Friday Festival I have ever pulled with just over 30k gems to try my luck.

Black Friday Festival

As this is the very first Black Friday Festival, it is unsure if this type of festival will happen again under a different name in the future, or if Black Friday 2024 will have this festival again. Only time will tell. Until then, think of it as a more rewarding Clans Festival towards Nat 4 & 5 Light/Dark Astromons.

So far, as of writing this, I have pulled 50 times. I was very disappointed in my pull considering only got 3 Nat 5s and I didn’t even finish filling it 4 times, not going to lie, I kind of regret spending my gems.

x 3
x 97
x 450

In fifty pulls pulls, I received 3 x 5* which does not count the freebies nat5 I gotten so that’s pretty much 0.55% which is super awful rate.

I received quite a bit of Nat 4 which ended up at 17.64% which is somewhat okay considering that’s the rate more or less I usually get, although they are nothing more but fodder to me since I have most of my Nat 4 collection all completed.

I opened up all the <Heroic> Golden Egg which I gotten from this & previous festivals and I did get a Nat 5 Dark Indra which honestly isn’t great as I don’t do much Clan Titans.

Heroic Golden Egg Pull 1
Fayie Enterprise