Marksman Hunter PVP Rated Arena 9.0.2

Marksman Steady Shot Kill
Steady Shot Kill

Does Marksman Hunter do well in Rated Arena PVP?

It’s another day, and you know what that means in World of Warcraft?

It’s been super long since I have done any Rated Arenas; even longer as 3v3 Arena.

Got together with a few guildies and decided to smash some out some Rated Arenas.

Here is the Comp we used in the 5 matches I played

  • Retribution Pally
  • Restoration Druid
  • Marksman Hunter

Gonna apologize beforehand, I have my video editing software on my other PC & not this laptop so I was unable to put them together, so your going to have a short mini-series (1-2minutes) clips instead 🙂

I will only be sharing the first match instead. The rest will be on my YouTube Channel Fayie Enterprise.