Life Lessons #1 – MSI Story




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Life Lessons #1 – MSI Story

MSI Neck Pillow Competition
MSI Giveaway Competition

This will be a little different, as this is my first Personal blog post.

I will be sharing some life experiences here that doesn’t really fall into any other categories, pretty much #TedTalk.

This is will be about life in general or anything that happens to me (Fayie).

So, long story short, we all know about online competitions on social media and such, and at times, you just wanna try your luck since you never know. You may just win something.

So I did that, it wasn’t winning the lottery (God, I really wish I won that lottery, but that’s another rant for another day haha).

The competition was from MSI, it’s a Taiwanese technology company.

In this case, it was for one of their accessories, a MSI Neck Pillow to be exact.

MSI Neck Pillow Packaged Received
Packaged Travel Neck Pillow

Let’s not get fussy here, the point wasn’t that this is probably a $30 item.

It was more towards, a life lesson that was taught to me that day.

Until you try, you don’t know what you can’t do

Henry James

Moral of the story is, It doesn’t matter whether you think you may not get it, may not win, may not be able to achieve it.

Until you actually try, you will never succeed. After all, you miss 100% of all the chances you never take.