Illusion Connect Paywall Block for F2P




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Illusion Connect Paywall Block

I have been playing Illusion Connect for awhile now, since I hit around the Level 40 mark. I have been struggling in progressing further in Story mode.

Despite 6 staring a lot of the Non-SSR Heroes, the 3 star SSR still outperforms them way too well to be replaced.

This itself is a huge design flaw as it does 1 of 2 things

  • Encourages more “transactions” to be made in order to get the SSR heroes
  • Have F2P quit since it’s too flavored towards P2W

Stuck at Story 8-30 since Player Lvl 39, I’m now nearly 45 and still stuck at there despite increasing my AP by a ridiculous amount.

As with my previous Illusion Connect gameplay issues that I previously mentioned.

IC - Event is for the paid players only

The game is not going favorability enough for me to continue playing at all.

Drastic changes needs to be in place otherwise, it’s more of a complete your daily for more “gem” (Cash Currency) in order to hopefully successfully summon an SSR to progress further.

Other main factors that limit progression in game is, “rewards available per day”

While Paid users can use the Gacha feature to constantly get gear through Cash Currency. F2P has to be super careful on Gems as it is not a currency easily obtained for us.

That itself draws gap in Gearing the heroes further apart.

Not a fun situation for players to want to be in.

Overall, the game has really nice artwork and game designs & features.

However, the lack of monetization design & rewarding designs is one of it’s biggest and most fatal weakness that hurts this game more than it benefits.

I’ll be continue playing Illusion Connect for a little longer, hoping for some change. Simply due to the art is gorgeous and it is quite fun if they would tone down the paywalls a bit, it would be a great game.

Unfortunately for Illusion Connect, there are just so many Gacha Games out there, this is just a drop in the ocean, if this one doesn’t work, another one will show up.

I have no doubts about that, this is an intense market which a massive and demanding user base, which I completely understand why they also cannot cater to everyone either.

This could be very well a successful model for them no doubt, but at the expense of offending a certain player base which is all good and well. We have other games after all right.