Illusion Connect Christmas Event

Illusion Connect Christmas Event

Illusion Connect Christmas Event this year brings us… wait, currently, there isn’t so far announced in Illusion Connect. The game has been pretty stale for a few months with no real updates.

Sure, there are constant maintenances and compensation packages been sent out weekly but as far as new content, waifuus, continents maps I have yet to see anything concrete. It does seem that they are working on a new “feature” but I would appreciate a bit more transparency between the developers & publishers with the community.

This is quite sad as this is one of the few gacha games that I do enjoy playing. Along with Food Fantasy and Monster Super League

The combat isn’t anything special and it is mostly all automatic but the designs art are cute as hell.

Well, let’s hope 2021 brings this a better year or I might just have to go ahead and drop it.

New promising titles are piling up constantly and I guess, its an era where nothing truly last and most devs are just pumping out to milk and leave. I do hope this one isn’t one of those.

So, what have I been doing in IC, nothing much really, just log in, finish all my dailies which takes roughly ~8minutes or so and that’s it.

Daily Quest UI

Energy regeneration is an big issue in IC, you can either focus on passing story mode or you focus on upgrading your collections. Most of the content take the universal “Energy” with Arena being ticket-based depending how much you receive from RNGeus in story mode.

Not to mention, unlike other gacha dailies, taking MSL as an example, where you can always catch a new astromon to complete it. What would happen once you collect all the heroes in IC and maxed them all out gear & level wise? It’s sounds like a big feat, but surely it’s not, especially for the Paid players out there.

That’s just another concern for me, but as I said, 2021 is the year, whether they will get better or it will just be dropped by me and most likely many others.

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