Has Bombergrounds: Battle Royale Been Abandoned?

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale has been in development for over 2 years now, with constant updates every month or two, it has been suspiciously quiet for a few months now.

BBR Fayie Char
BBR Fayie Char

But it feels all too clear now.

Has Bombergrounds: Battle Royale been Abandoned by the developers?

Are the new players who are buying cosmetics fashion through premium currency just a means for Gigantic Duck Games to make money passively?

While their social media is active, they provide no new information, updates or anything hinting towards actually releasing this title, whether it will stay as a Free 2 Play game or not.

BBR - Engame Kill Stats
Engame Kill Stats

With the last “Patch” back in 5 December 2020, while the one before was 22 October 2020 and there has been no announcement since 13th February which was a new season.

We are in Late May now, with no patches since then, even free players should have long finished the cosmetic set for this season.

It may be completely safe to say, this game has been completely abandoned.

This is such a complete shame, it was a fun title that I could say triumphed the original Bomberman titles as it provides some additional QOL features (such as kicking bombs) and complete customization to your own avatars.

So what do you guys think?
While since my last Bombergrounds: Battle Royal review, I still believe the game is all still extremely fun to play on the side, but what’s the point if I am maxed out on my cosemtics unless I purchase premium currency?

Do you think publisher has abandoned us, the player base? I sure hope not, it has been quite a fun title to play on the sides for some quick matches in.

Cast in your thoughts below!

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