May High Secret Egg Pull

High Secret Egg Pulls

High Egg May 2021 Water Cupid
Water Cupid

One of the main ways to get more Astromons in Monster Super League is to do Egg Pulls. There are multiple types of eggs wit the most common being High Secret Eggs.

It’s been awhile since I been attempting to finish my Evo3 wood Lupin, I am exactly 2 off, so close but so far away.

I am not wanting to use Gleem this either, I feel that it’s a total waste even though the fusion Astromon would be a great benefit in some of my content teams. Despite that, it is still only a Legendary Astromon which can be easily farmed in story mode to Evo3 thus not worth Gleeming at all.

If you missed the pull last month, check it out here April 100+ High Secret Egg Pull.

So let’s get to it

Gacha Pull Results

x 0
x 23
x 207

My heart kind of just sank, after 100 Astromons and not a single Nat5 to be seen, then another 100 went by and still no Natural 5 Astromon, maybe I was expecting a little to much, but it was still discouraging after a total of 230 eggs. While I had no real goal of getting Nat5s, any Nat5s will be useful in future Nat5 Rebirths. In fact, the Griffin looks very tempting, both Water and Light. While Water could be used in my League Defense Team, while Light can be used in upper floors in Golem Dungeons.

Oh well, looks like I won’t be doing any Nat5s rebirths this time around, but back to the main topic, I was unable to get 2 Lupins, Instead I was only able to get one. Which means, Hero Festival in 2 weeks, I’m looking at you. I expect 2 things, 1 Light/Dark Balrona and a Lupin.

Overall, pretty ok run if I look pass the no Nat5s in 230 eggs.

While the Nat5 rate was non-existent at all, Nat 4 ratio was at a flat 10%. I seen much better days.

Hopefully, this is the negative karma before the main event – which is Hero Festival coming in 2 weeks.