March High Secret Egg Pull

High Secret Egg Pulls

Nat5-Fire Arthur
Fire Arthur

My last pull in February for High Secret Eggs just shows how brutal the Gachapon genre can be in this game, while it can be one of the most satisfying and addicting feeling but it can also crush your spirit completely.

I am not one to stay feeling down over a game and it’s already March, and it’s time I am back with my 100+ High Secret Eggs Pull. I will also pull 8 Light/Dark High Secret Eggs and 3 Legendary Eggs and some Heroic Eggs.

If you missed last month’s pull check it out here February 100+ High Secret Egg Pull

This month will be slightly different, I will not be releasing my 3* Astromons. Due to Monster Super League releasing 2 new Astromons earlier this month. Namely Dark & Light Shellie, and they are both the 3* rebirth this month. I will take advantage of this and get them both to Evo 3 instead simply just for collection. While Water & Wood Shellie are great Astromons in some areas, Dark & Light looks decent too, however, I am just worried since their passive is a 1 hit blow thus not having a high potential of generating SP.

Gacha Pull Results

x 0
x 11
x 123

Once again, wasn’t a great pull, I didn’t even get Nat 5 this time around again in 100 eggs.

Quite disappointing honestly, my RNG in eggs has been doing quite bad lately. Usually, out of every 100 Pulls Eggs opened, usually nets in a Nat5.

On the good new though, I was able to get both Light and Dark Shellie in 19 rebirths which was much less than original prediction. All the excessive Natural 3 Astromons I pulled will be released instead.

Another low pull for me, the ratios goes as 0% of getting a Nat 5 & 8.20% for a Nat 4.

Not only was it 0% getting the Nat 5, Nat 4 didn’t even break 10% again. Guess I hope my luck is better in Hero Festival coming in in a week or two.