June High Secret Egg Pull

High Secret Egg Pulls

One of the most exciting feeling when playing a Gachapon game is when I get a SSR/Legendary rank loot or in Monster Super League’s terms a Natural 5 Astromon.

I been pretty preoccupied with Swords of Legends Online Alpha & Beta testing for the past few weeks.

If you haven’t heard Swords of Legends Online is a brand new Theme-Park MMORPG that is supposedly contain absolutely no Pay 2 Win elements published by GameForge.

High Egg June 2021 Water Sura
Water Sura

If you haven’t read it, read my SOLO Overall Feedback for the entire Alpha & Closed Beta Phases.

I haven’t quit MSL yet… although it does get quite frustrating at times, but I am still playing!

As for what I have installed today, June’s edition of High Secret Eggs Gacha Pulls. 

My main focus this time was just to get as many Nat3s as possible as fodder to release to ascend my Super Evo Mona that I received late back in April 2021.

If you missed the pull last month, check it out here May 150+ High Secret Egg Pull.

Gacha Pull Results

x 1
x 8
x 141

Wasn’t expecting any Nat5s, in fact I didn’t mind nor cared much for Nat4s this time either.

All I wanted was lots of fodder Nat3s & Nat3s materials for Fusion and to finish off my last enchantment for my Dark Mona which was Crit Resistance.

So overall, I am quite happy with this pull.

While I wanted to do Hero Festival last month, I did not manage my time correctly and missed it, I should be doing it this time around this if I don’t forget again.

So let’s go over the ratios this time.

The ratios goes as 0.66% of getting a Nat 5 & 5.33% for a Nat 4.

While the Nat4 rate was pretty terrible, one of the worse rates to date, It was never the intended purpose to get Nat4s so I ain’t upset over it either.

I achieved what I wanted which was to Super Ascend my Dark Mona, now she is one of my strongest Astromons now fully ready for my content farming guides.

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