January High Secret Egg Pull

High Secret Egg Pulls

Summoning Light Cupid from 3-5Star Light Dark Egg
Light Cupid

It’s no surprise that one of the most satisfying experiences when playing a Gachapon game is opening eggs, making pulls and being super excited on what you may get. Or getting disappointed and addicted to do more since you didn’t get what you want..

Today I will pull 100 High Secret Eggs in Monster Super League that I have collected over the month and let’s see how many 4* and 5* I can get.

If you missed out on my previous month pull, take a read here at December High Secret Egg Pulls, it was quite a pretty bad pull with low 4* rate. Let’s hope today, is much better.

As per always, I will be releasing my 3* Astromons in order to get some Essences to upgrade my other Astromons.

Gacha Pull Results

x 1
x 17
x 166

What a way to start, a 5* Astromon, Wood Nightmare at it. I been needing Nightmare to finish my Evo3 Water Nightmare for League.

This is quite a good pull, I did do quite a bit more than last month, at 184 eggs in total.

But I still received 1 5* and whooping 17 4*.

Not just that, as mentioned that nightmare was a need, so was the several Yukis i received. Needing to evo3 the Water Yuki for the double sap.

While it isn’t the best pulls considering ratio wise, being 0.54% of getting a Nat 5 & 9.23% for a Nat 4.

Never-the-less, it was alot better than the December 2020 pull. So not going to complain.