February High Secret Egg Pull

Fire Jeanne First Pull Summon
Fire Jeanne

High Secret Egg Pulls

When playing a Gachapon game, one of the most satasifying and addicting feeling is when you are pulling eggs, this stays very true for 433’s hit title Monster Super League.

Today I will pull 100 High Secret Eggs along with 6 Light/Dark High Secret Eggs in Monster Super League that I have collected over the month and let’s see how many 4* and 5* I can get.

If you missed out on my previous month pull, take a read here at January High Secret Egg Pulls, it was ok pull but I am sure we could do a lot better today.

As per always, I will be releasing my 3* Astromons in order to get some Essences to upgrade my other Astromons.

Gacha Pull Results

x 1
x 11
x 94

Going to be quite honest, I was expecting the following two Astromons during this time’s pull.

I wanted at least 1 or 2 Yaksha to finish Evo3ing my Dark Yaksha.

Or I wanted a Nightmare, since I am 1 off in finishing my Evo3 Water Nightmare.

However, instead I didn’t get either one putting me in quite a pickle, wanting to blow some Astrogems before Hero Festival.

Despite that, I have been seeing, out of every 100 Pulls Eggs opened, usually nets in a Nat5.

One of the higher % pulls I have considering 0.94% of getting a Nat 5 & 10.37% for a Nat 4.

Never-the-less, it was much better than January 2020 pull. Despite not getting what I wanted. Guess I just have to patiently wait another week before Hero Festival is here.