December High Secret Egg Pull

High Secret Egg Pulls

Wood Zhu Bajie
Wood Zhu Bajie

It’s no surprise that one of the most satisfying experiences when playing a Gachapon game is opening eggs, making pulls and being super excited on what you may get. Or getting disappointed and addicted to do more since you didn’t get what you want..

Today I will pull 100 High Secret Eggs in Monster Super League that I have collected over the month and let’s see how many 4* and 5* I can get.

I will be releasing all 3* Astromons for Essences to upgrade my other Astromons.

Gacha Pull Results

x 1
x 5
x 104

Luckily, I was lucky enough to receive that 5* Astromon, this would be considered pretty bad RNG for a Gacha Pull of 100 Eggs.

In fact, even with that Nat 5, this is a terrible pull, with only receiving a total of 5 Nat4 Astromons out of a total of 110 Eggs.

Not to mention, none of the 3* pulls were anything special, they were super common Astromons that most players would already have a Evo3ed by them purely for Gem-collecting or as a hoarder.

Meanwhile, the 5* received, Wood Zhu Bajie is a very good “Clan Titan” mon. Her passive skill is Courageous Strike which is the go-to skill for DPS Titans fights. While her Active is Blind which is a great debuff that reduces both Damage and Crit Rate.

Never-the-less, it could of went much worse, so I’m quite content with my pull this time around