April High Secret Egg Pull

Egg April 2021 Wood Fennec
Wood Fennec

High Secret Egg Pulls

It’s Easter, Happy Easter everyone. Let’s see if the Easter Bunny has any Nat 5s in today’s eggs for me.

Meanwhile, Monster Super League is celebrating Easter by an Exotic Pino Capture Event, I decided to not take apart of it due to the fact that I already have all the Pinos I really need. Instead, I have noticed that I got over 100 eggs stacked up, so why not do some pulls during the Easter Event. After all, I still need a total of Lupins to feed to Evo3 my Wood Lupin for the Fusion Astromon.

If you missed last pull check it out here March High Secret Egg Pull.

Gacha Pull Results

x 0
x 18
x 153

After doing a few pulls, I knew this would be quite disappointing. I had the feeling that I just wasn’t going to get anything decent. I gut feeling was right after all. Not only did I not get any Natural 5* Astromons, the total lack of Nat4 presence was felt too. My original goal was to finish off my Evo 3 Wood Lupin which meant a total of 5, but I only received 1 Lupin as well. Well, I’m not one to stay down, 1 Lupin is better than no Lupin.

Overall, pretty terrible run, but I am sure May would be better.

The ratios goes as 0.00% of getting a Nat 5 & 10.52% for a Nat 4.

While the Nat5 rate was non-existent at all, Nat 4 ratio was average at 10%.

Hopefully, this sucks all my bad luck out before Hero Festival coming in a few weeks, I really want that Light or Dark Balrona.

What hit me the hardest right after was, after I released all my Nat3 Astromons from the eggs, I actually noticed it was L/D Mona rebirth Eggs. The same Mona that I have failed to get year over year. Looks like I will be doing some exclusive egg farming to get more Nat 3 Astromons for Mona Rebirth.