Dragonflight Season 1 Rated Solo Shuffle Series 1

Rated Solo Shuffle Series 2

The first series of the Dragonflight Season 1 Rated Solo Shuffles for Dragonflight, mainly focusing on my Fury Warrior and Havoc Demon Hunter. I am still slowly levelling my Hunter (still not sure whether I should play Marksman or Beast Mastery for PVP) with my limited playtime but Hunter PVP was a class I always enjoy, especially for Battlegrounds more so than arena.

Below are my Talent Trees for my two characters

Fury Warrior Annihilator Build

Demon Hunter Mastery Misery Build

I haven’t been able to record since I keep forgetting to click record but here are just some of the matches, I was able to remember to record.

One thing that is really bothering me regarding Rated Solo Shuffle is the number of leavers. I have been in over 100+ matches where I was unable to complete it since people are just leaving due to the fact that while you do lose CR when you leave, your MMR does not drop making it alot easier to “re-rank” up when you when more than 3 matches the next rounds.

To make matters worse, the queue times for DPS is just ridiculously long, sometimes over 30 minutes without queues.

WoW-DF-S1-SS-30min plus queue time
30min+ queue time

Clearly an exploit, and its obvious people know this and are exploiting it to get higher ratings, while it is the holiday season currently, I do wish Blizzard addresses this situation correctly and make the mode alot more enjoyable for the players.

Anyways, enjoy some of the recorded plays of my experience in the new Rated Solo Shuffle PVP mode. Still totally a beginner here and learning ways in rated PVP, hopefully I am able to learn enough to reach 2400 for the very first time in rated WoW PVP. It would be a nice experience to have.

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