Dragonflight Prepatch Rated Solo Shuffle Series 3

Rated Solo Shuffle Series 2

The last series of the Dragonflight prepatch Rated Solo Shuffles as Servers just went down for Dragonflight.

I personally had quite a bit of fun with Rated Solo Shuffle although I do feel that Warriors, Fury Warriors are super weak as of their state at prepatch lvl 60. They felt a lot stronger when I was playing in Dragonflight Beta, which we’ll see as there will most likely be more tuning to be done today/tomorrow/this week. I noticed, I struggle quite often to outburst a healer’s heals and even just melting low geared players which I would of easily done on my feral druid or demon hunter. While Odyen’s Fury is strong, it feels alot less impactful when compared to even spammable skills like Incinerate or Chaos Bolt or even WW’s Rising sun kick or Thunderfist.

Anyways, enjoy some of the recorded plays of my experience in the new Rated Solo Shuffle PVP mode. Still totally a beginner here and learning ways in rated PVP, hopefully I am able to learn enough to reach 2400 for the very first time in rated WoW PVP. It would be a nice experience to have.

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