Dragonflight Prepatch Rated Solo Shuffle Series 2

Rated Solo Shuffle Series 2

Personally, playing through hundreds of rounds by now on mostly my Demon Hunter and Warrior, I constantly go back and watch some of the videos I have recorded just to see how I can improve and tweak my keybindings and layouts here and there just to see if I can get something I like.

Although I don’t record every match, I do attempt and try to remember and record them all. As of currently, I am most likely going to be bringing my Warrior into Dragonflight as a main for all contents despite having played once since World of Warcraft Classic, which one again, is very vastly different than Retail World of Warcraft or before that would be Legion Private Servers, which is sad since Legion was such a great expansion, I should of really came back to Retail.

Besides my warrior, I believe I may dabble into some Hunter PVP as I always enjoy the range DPS style of without too many “casting” abilities, along with I enjoy collecting hunter pets. I really do wish they let us transmog hunter Pets, that would be super sick. I am so tired of using the same pet for everything not because of looks but because it is BiS in xyz. That just really ruins the whole pet system completely to me.

Below are just some of the recorded plays of my experience in the new Rated Solo Shuffle PVP mode. Still learning, hopefully I am able to learn enough to reach 2400 for the very first time in rated WoW PVP. It would be a nice experience to have.

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