Blade & Soul Does It Need A Clean Slate Wipe For Revival?




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Does Revival Need A Clean Slate Wipe?

Blade and Soul by NCSoft has been one of my all-time favorites MMORPGs by far if we disregard the complete pay 2 win fest it became now days.

The graphics is just shockingly beautiful despite it aging quite a bit, the game is challenging and fun despite the huge time sink.

There is always something to do, look forward to, grind, play and gear towards.

The game constantly keeps you on the toes with events after events, new expansions and content after the next. There usually never a dull moment in BNS.

NCSoft has announced it’s Blade and Soul Revival Roadmap for Summer 2021.

Gosh, we are having lots of games for Summer 2021 this year. 2020 was a dry season while 2021 is completely wet.

BNS Revival Summer RoadMap
Blade & Soul Summer 2021

Why Does BNS Needs A Wipe?

The game has been completely ruined by Treasure Troves and other stupidly pay2win whaling event. In fact, with all these “Classic” popping up, World of Warcraft Classic, World of Warcraft TBC Classic, Aion Classic.

While I am not talking about a BNS Classic going back to Pohwaran times, but rather, a new BNS server that has the latest content & latest expansions attached but no Pay 2 Win elements instead.

I do admit, Pohwaran times as super fun, but the lack of content and events was real. Hence I would rather a new server without the P2W items and events instead.

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