Are Balance Astromons Worth Using?

Balance Type Astromons

As we all know, there are awesome Astromons in Monster Super League with fancy skills that makes our hearts skip a beat. However, the only turn off for a lot of us was that they are “Balance”.

Since, they did not not excel in Attack, Def or HP. Which makes multiple players turn a blind eye to it’s existence and find an alternative instead. I am going to be honest, I was like this at the start aswell.

So my main question today is are Balance Astromon really that useless?

Or is it just the stereotype of not having a Main excelling stat?

Let’s start with some notable Astromons that are Balanced which are still used often

Water Persephone
Evo 3 Water Persephone

Water Persephone

This is one of the biggest OGs in passive healing Astromons, did you know, years back, Water Persephone was a Tank based Astromon. Back when they were no such thing as a Nat5 Healer, and having a Dark Cupid/Dark Hana/Light Pandora was the top of the game.

A Evo3 Tank Water Persephone completely overtook the healing scene, making any healer you gemmed, completely obsolete. There was so much complains surrounding this particular Astromon, the ultimate decision was to make it Balanced, which consequently nerfed it’s passive healing.

While it’s not my cup of tea, they are people who use this Astromon for certain Elements in Dimensional Rift

Light Griffin
Evo 3 Light Griffin

Light Griffin

Griffin is one of the newer releases, along with a much loved Active, Resistance Down.

Given that i’s passive is 100% to restore 50(+10)% of it’s own SP when attacking. While it’s Active is 100% chance to reduce enemy resistance for 2(+1) turns. (Resistance down ignores resistance).

Makes this one of the best debuffer in game. Makes it easier to apply your Attack Downs, Shocks, Def Downs, Saps, Weakens and all of those good stuff. This is a Astromon used often in 900+ in Leagues Matches. A careless mistake of letting Griffin use their Active you could lead to a full wipe instantly.

Wood Valkyrie
Evo 3 Wood Valkyrie

Wood Valkyrie

While it’s not as popular as it use to be, I have seen some insanely tanky Wood Valkyrie, that can live through my Fire Draka Nukes.

Did you know, Wood Valkyrie was just like Water Persephone, it use to be a Tank Based Astromon. With all the issues about being too tanky to die, caused the nerf and stat change to Balance.

Due to Wood Valk having Double Heal with the active being a Team Heal based on it’s own HP, it was one of those Astromons “if you can’t burst it down, you have no chance beating it”.

Water Miho
Evo 3 Water Miho

Water Miho

While, she isn’t a super strong Astromon, she is one of the starter ones, making her very accessible to everyone.

Not only that, some high-end content such as Golems, Dragons & TOC require a Strong Sapper.

Water Miho fits that bill, with double sap as it’s skills, 100% and 60(20)% respectively, she is most accessible double sapper Astromons in game. Not only that, she can be SuperEVO’ed which makes her a lot stronger than normal Nat3s.

While this is only a small icing on the cake of all the Balance Astromons offered.

With the first 2 being used constantly even in 900+ Leagues matches, you know they do have a if gem correctly.

I have personally seen some very strong league teams with the Astromons mentioned above.

Not just that, I personally have a Evo3 Dark Nike who is also balanced. As she isn’t as strong as an “Attacker”, she has an 100% Stun rate if Critical Hit. Which is super handy as well. While Nike isn’t the easiest Astromon to collect to Evo3, and possibility Fire Nike for League Defense or Light Nike for a light DEF Aggressor would seem to be a better option, they do have their own place in the game.

I would not discount Balance Astromons being completely useless, they may not excel in 1 Stat, but if played correctly, their overall Stats can be much higher, making them more versatile when geared towards being high HP and High Def. This is especially great, as they are introducing you skills to the game.

New skills such as Puncture (DEF Ignore) or Courageous Strike (Increase dmg based of enemies HP). Balance Astromons is not a bad way to mitigate both skills making it’s survivability slightly higher.

Another Balance Astromon that piqued my interest was Dark Yaksha.

Her Passive being 10(+5)% allies HP with Active being 80(+20)% Silence for 2 Turns.

This could be a huge potential disabler and passive healer in League Defense. I am currently gearing mine, just 2 more Yaksha left till I have an Evo 3 Variant, as I already have her fully gemmed with 6* Siphon Set, HP HP DEF. Making me super excited to try her out.

Hopefully, I’ll have more than 100+ High Eggs which i’ll open at the end of month. (I’m at 60 Eggs right now!)

Otherwise, we’ll wait until the next Hero’s Festival which is just under a month away.

All in all, are Balance Astromons worth using in MSL?

Yes, definitely, they are 100% worth building, so stop feeding them or releasing them! #BalanceLivesMatter

They have their own place in MSL, they may require more effort and resources in order to make them strong, but it’s goes a long way.