Monster Super League Super Ascension

Super Ascension

Was considering holding this one off but I just received the Patch Notes for the Maintenance tonight in Super Monster League.

Astromons are now going to get even stronger now with the new feature Super Ascension, I’ll explain a bit later.

There will be quite a few changes towards our guides with the new Super Ascension feature coming tonight, for example, Astromon League defense team meta can lean alot more towards SuperEVO’ed Astromons such as Fire Victoria. She is already a huge asset to the team due to her pure annoyance, but with additional stats to boost her up, she going to be a complete pain to fight against. So stay tuned, I will be updating the MSL Defense Team Guide.

Further, in the patch notes provided during the the maintenance, 433 has decided to do the following changes

  • Two new Astromons elements to the already popular Shellie; Light & Dark Shellie.
  • New Fusion Chart for Poseidon, QOL changes such as Leader Skills are no longer content locked.
  • 5★ Rebirth Festival: Cernunnos (5★Fire/Water/Wood/Light/Dark) will commence
  • Capture Festival for 3★ Water/Fire/Wood) Jiangshi will start.
  • But the most exciting news is the following, we just been told SuperEVO ain’t the final Evolution anymore.
    • There is one more stage above it called Super Ascension.

Super Ascension Requirements

To qualify for this new evolution form, you need the following

  • Astromons must be level 60 to undergo Super Ascension.
  • Astromon must be 6/6 enhanced to undergo Super Ascension
  • 100 Dimensional Star Stones are needed to undergo Super Ascension.
  • 100 <High> Star Stones are needed to undergo Super Ascension
  • 100 <High> Element* Waterstones are needed to undergo Super Ascension
  • 3 Million Gold is needed to undergo Super Ascension

Super Ascension Benefits

You receive two growth benefits when you super Ascend your Astromon.

  • Basic Stat Boost, the following stat will increase
    • HP
    • Defense
    • Attack
    • Recovery
  • A random Super Ascension Passive Skill

Super Ascension Skills

Astromons who undergo super ascension will learn a certain random passive spell.

As the passive spell received is random, you are able to change the passive skill (random again) at the cost using the original materials again.

MSL Super Ascension Skills
Super Ascension Skills