Swords of Legends Online – Unreal Engine 4 Announcement!

Swords of Legends

Havok Vision Engine vs Unreal Engine 4

Currently, Swords of Legends Online is using the inhouse engine named Havok Vision Engine.

Havok Vision Game Engine has been a discontinued Game Engine since 2014. It was first released in 2003 under the name Vision by Trinigy but later acquired by Havok and renamed Havok Vision Engine.

In fact, there is over 100+ game that uses this Havok engine in the past including an all-time favorite Black Desert Online before it revamped into a Custom BDO Engine.

While, Havok Vision Engine doesn’t look terrible, it is quite dated over the years, with Unreal Engine 4 giving it more of a “Realistic Look”.

Here is a video of a demonstration of the progress on migrating Swords of Legends Online from HVE into UR4.

When Can We Expect Unreal Engine 4

My guesstimate is that we can expect a full migration into Unreal Engine 4 for Swords of Legends during early to mid 2022.

After all, Phantasy Online 2 English Global Release was April 14, 2020 and shortly after a year, they did a full migration into Unreal Engine 4 under the Phantasy Online 2 New Genesis Title, with NGS Beta already just earlier this month.

I believe we can expect something similar for Swords of Legends Online, as Gameforge seems to be currently is putting all their resources in this title.

If you haven’t purchased Swords of Legends, you can do so right now on either Steam or Gameforge

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