Swords of Legends Online – Pre-CBT2 Q&A Session

Swords of Legends

Swords of Legends Online, or simply SOLO is developed by Aurogon, Wangyuan Shengtang Entertainment Technology CO.. From the publishers of TERA online and AION, they bring us the brand new MMORPG. Solo is currently known for using their the Havok Vision engine and not UE3, however, with China updating to the UE4 in the future.

Below, is a rough RoadMap that has been communicated by the GameForge Team.

We are currently in Closed Beta 2 Phase

Solo Rough RoadMap
Solo Rough RoadMap

Beta2 Information

Closed Beta 1-8 June

Start: 1st June 2021, 2 PM CEST/ 8 AM EDT/ 5 AM PDT / 10 PM AEST
End: 8th June 2021, 2 PM CEST / 8 AM EDT / 5 AM PDT / 10 PM AEST

Pre-download for Closed Beta 2 has been opened

It size is roughly 8GB.

Question & Answers

Question: Will they be any wipes

Response: They won’t be any wipes between CBT1 and CBT2, and between CBT2 and Launch they will be a wipe.

Launch Dates

Question: When is Launch?
Response: Swords of Legends Online will release on July 9th 2021!

Summer 2021. It has been confirmed it will released a few weeks after CBT2, however, no date has been shared.

Phaendar has joked about releasing sometime in the last week of June, however, it was a teaser and was not the official confirmed date.


Partial Voiceovers will be in CBT2, most of the NPC will have English voice overs in CBT2.

Voiceovers for language toggle (Chinese and English) should be working for launch.

This will not be working in CBT2

Questions & Feedbacks

Channel/Shard issues

Issue: At times, we don’t get into the same channel, or “shards” as World of Warcraft would call it, as our friends in the same party.

Response: We don’t have a fix in Beta2, as Beta 2 was more focused on the game stability, however, we have a team investigating the channel issues. As the current game feature is, the games attempt to automatically move you to the same channel as your party leader. It is recommended to always let your group leader go in the instance first, then everyone else after. We have noticed, this does not always happen.

TLDR: We know of the issue; we are working with the developer on fixing it. No ETA.


Issue: PVP Arena times is not optimized for any of the time zone player base who wishes to engage in this content.

Response: we appreciate the feedback; we are looking into optimizing it for everyone to enjoy. We are in discussing with the developer as the devs mentioned it as an open topic to discuss, however currently, in the meantime no changes for CBT2 so far.

TLDR: We understand your concerns, we will work with the developer on optimizing the times for everyone to enjoy.


Issue: dungeon difficulty for Hard Mode was not “hard enough”.

Response: we had two ways to go about this, add Extreme Difficulty mode or make hard mode harder. We discussed it with devs and we decided to not have Extreme Mode available during launch but instead make Hard Mode Harder. CBT2 will have hidden bosses now.

TLDR: Hard Mode should be harder now than it was in CBT1.


Issue: When will Raid be released? I don’t want to wait months doing hard mode dungeons

Response: we can confirm that raids will be released within weeks of launch. Not within Months

Stress Testing

Issue: Servers at times were very unstable.

Response: As Beta’s #1 priority was to stress test servers and optimize them to be able to enjoy fluid game play. With CBT2, we will be looking at a lot more players than CBT1 to further strain our servers to see if we need a second server up and running.

Levelling Curve

Issue: We encountered some Levelling walls where we had to grind dungeons before we could hit a level to continue story

Response: It will be optimized; you should not run into this issue in CBT2. This is only New Characters only. Existing characters will still have this issue.


Max Level will be the same as CBT1/2 for launch, Beginner 36/ Student 1

It will be increased in the future

Patch Notes

Question: Will they be Patch notes for CBT2

Response: Yes, 6/1/2021 10 AM CEST

Bug patch notes will be released here – CBT2 Patch Notes

Cash Shop

Question: Will they be hidden things added in the cash shop at launch

Response: What you see in CBT1 & CBT2 will be at launch. While we won’t have additional costumes at launch, we will continue to add more cosmetic items only. Game will strictly have no P2W items ever.


Question: Do we get a free flying mount or do we have to buy one from cash shop using real currency

Response: you will get one within the first couple of quests in the game. It is a flying sword Mount.

Community Discord

Question: Is there a community Discord

Response: Yes, Discord


Character Customization Adjustments

We are discussing it, we are aware of the request and we are looking into to making it possible.

Lazy Competitor will be fixed

Battle pass

Planned a couple weeks after launch

Probably $10.00 USD, guestimate. Nothing official. They will be a livestream for Battlepass in the near future.

Marriage System

They won’t be any marriage system, it’s not a definitely no, but nothing planned.


You can give housing permission to a friend to build together

Future Updates & Classes

All DLC updates will be free

Foxmage and archer will most likely be in the roadmap that we will provide before launch.No promises that it will be included, however the classes will be released in the global version eventaully.

GameForge assumes that you will get more character slots when new classes are released.

China Versions added more slots, so there no reason for our version not to

Unreal Engine 4

China needs to get it first, once they have it, we will too. In the meantime, we will be continue using the Havok Vision Engine.

Name reservations

This will start couple days before launch but not right away after CBT2.


We had over 5 digit numbers unique players during CBT1 with a peak of 7,717 concurrent users from Steam alone. Which means, at least 7k of us pre-ordered through steam.

New Feature Faction PVP

Valley of Echoing Blades

Faction Zone – Blue vs Red

Once you reach max level through the PVP quest, you will be asked to join Red (Mysticism) or Blue (Heaven’s Children).

You can stay Neutral, but you will become hostile to both sides.

There will be daily quest in this zone for each faction.

This is opened 24/7, there no safety zones in this map nor are they penalties for killing.

You can explore the other faction zone without issues however, NPCs will attack you.

NPCs in this zone will count as “PVP” so PVP stats will be activated.

In fact, you are rewarded for PKing other faction players.

You can also toggle “Faction Mode” during Open World (not just in this zone). If you meet opposing faction mode enabled players, you can attack them without penalties.

There is quite a cooldown, so use sparingly. Dying will not remove this buff.

There is an item in faction reputation store that will allow you to reset this Cooldown.

This item is available to be purchased twice a week.

You can change faction with a cooldown of 7 days at the cost of 50gold (In-game Currency).

Faction is Character Bound.

Faction Reputation Store (This is not the cash shop) will include some of the following

This is separate from the rampage PVP system.

If you haven’t purchased Swords of Legends, you can do so right now on either Steam or Gameforge

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