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MSL Aprils Fools Event 2021

The Return of Pinos

Looks like 433 is adding more and more of these Festival Style Events in Monster Super Leagues now, at least a lot more than 2-3 years ago when I was super active in playing.

Back then, we had events from the News Section, which could include dice rolls and board related rewards.

However, this isn’t bad either, except the fact it still has the same mentality which force players to only run Story-Mode as opposed to “burn energy” on content.

The details of the Easter Festival is as follows

From March 31, 03:00 ~ April 16, 14:59 (UTC+0)

Easter Rewards

  • 10 Easter Eggs: 100 Energies
  • 10 Easter Eggs: 5 x Special Astrochips
  • 100 Easter Eggs: 500000 Gold
  • 190 Easter Eggs: Secret Egg x 1
  • 290 Easter Eggs: Gleem x 1 (Chosen at Random)
  • 390 Easter Eggs: Secret Egg x 1
  • 490 Easter Eggs: Holy Gleem x 1
  • 340 Easter Eggs: April Fools’ Profile Picture – Nezz
  • 340 Easter Eggs: April Fools’ Profile Picture – Pinolo
  • 340 Easter Eggs: Easter Frame Pack

Easter Mission Rewards

  • Win 500 battles: Light/Dark Egg x 1
  • Evolve 3 times: Light/Dark Egg x 1
  • Ascend Astromon to 5★: Light/Dark Egg x 1
  • Play the Gold Dungeon 10 times: 300 Easter Eggs
  • Complete all weekly quests 2 times: 800 Easter Eggs
  • Complete all daily quests 12 times: 1200 Easter Eggs
  • Make 10 +12 gems: 100 Easter Eggs
  • Try to upgrade gems 100 times: 100 Easter Eggs
  • Fight 100 Astromon League Battles: 1 x Gleem Egg
  • Play a story stage 1000 times: Easter Exclusive Frame
Faye Has 5 Evo3 Pinos
Faye Has 5 Evo3 Pinos

In addition, we have the Pino Capture Event beginning in a few days.

This was one of the first Courageous Striker (CSer) Astromons and the entry level CSer for Wood, also known as the Free to Play CSer Astromon. This Event Astromon til this day, is still a great for Clan Titan Battles.

They are much better CSer Astromons nowadays to choose from such as Wood Merlin, which is much harder to come by as it is a Hero Festival Astromon and it’s a Natural 5* ontop which means Pino will always been in the hearts of the older and newer players.

On top of that, it’s very costly to upgrade Merlin and other 5* Astromons as it usually going the Gleeming route.

So, everyone should be grabbing a few Pino to either finish off your Astromon Collection books or for Titans if they don’t have anything better as it’s a once a year event so don’t miss out on the upcoming Pino Capture Event.

I personally have 5 Pino already so I won’t be participating in this. Rather save my Special Astrochips for the next Exotic Astromon instead.