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Illusion Connect Closing of Taiwan Servers

Remember awhile back when I was questioning the longevity of this Mobile game.

Illusion Connect was released back in 21st October 2020 with the last official update as of 7th January.

Now, let’s fast forward 3 months later, it’s here, at least for the Taiwan Servers that is.

Termination of service as of 10th March 2021.

Here is a snapshot of the Notices in-game on the Taiwan servers.

Termination of Service TW Servers
Termination of Service TW Servers

For the US Version, as it topped the rankings for the category Top Free Game – Role Playing entering Top 7 back in November 2020, however since then, they have been on a downwards spiral hitting as low as 347 as of 25th January 2021, they have regained some rankings going back to 243 as of 1st February 2021 due to an new awakening character update.

However, just how long will they last for is the main question.

As it was not specified exactly why the Taiwan servers was shut down, there are only two guesses.

It was not gaining attraction compared to the hundreds of other Taiwanese Mobile Gacha Games in the market.
Or as the popular is Superprism Technology Co., Ltd, a Hong Kong based company who has only been around for 10 months. With the political pressure currently from China vs it’s island states, namely Hong Kong & Taiwan, they have been pressured to discontinue services.

However, that’s going a bit more political, so let’s stop there!

As for the reviews, they do get a healthy positive review daily, with a few negatives here and there.

Trending as the following 4.7 stars with 103,160 total reviews

It’s still a popular game with over 1million total downloads and an estimated revenue of 800k for US side only.

My personal guess is, if China servers continue to show stagnate in progression of updates and events, eventually this game will kick the bucket as well.

So, is it worth continue playing Illusion Connect as of 2021.

Probably not, I wouldn’t recommend it, the future was grim as of December for a game that has only been out for not even 4 months yet so, the future for this is not so bright at all.