Elyon – Termination of Global NA Services

Elyon Online Closing of NA Global Servers

Elyon by Kakao Games was was released back in late October 2021. It was met with alot of issues shortly after launch despite the game being pretty fun to play with for a few months.

It’s questionable release date caused it to complete with alot of the big shots out there such New World and the soon to come Lost Ark among other titles.

This caused the servers to quickly drop in numbers to under 100 concurrent users daily.

Officially, Kakao Games has put out the Termination of Service Notification with the final day of service will be December 7.

The official message of termination was due to

Kakao Games Europe, following lengthy discussions with the game developer Bluehole Studio Inc., has made the difficult decision to terminate the live service of Elyon in Europe and North America due to the unsustainability of key performance indicators. The very low retention rate from incoming new players in combination with a declining amount of active users has made most content difficult to clear, leading us to the conclusion that we are no longer able to offer you the MMORPG experience we are striving for.

Kakao Games

I am honestly not surprised, the game was great but had too many issues such as Region Locking, bugs and translation. Things didn’t work and quiet frankly Kakao either didn’t really care or didn’t dedicate enough resources to it.

One of the main reasons why I stopped playing it aswell, but that’s another story for another time.

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