Black Desert Online Going Self-Publish!!!

Pearl Abyss taken back Publishing Rights to Black Desert Online

Fay's Ranger Posing
Fay’s Ranger Posing

This question has been around for years now on reddit discussion.

We knew this day was coming, Kakao Games, was the center of topic this month.

Kakao Games has a very bad reputation in the MMO circle for being a Cash Cow, where they goes back on promises after promises and throw in P2W and everything they promise they would not do.

I was an BDO player since Beta, I joined twice back then with one of my buddies goes by the IGN SpaceGnome from another game – Forsaken World. We grinded and play for over 6 months straight, it was a lovely experience.

We even started our own guild and was highly successful in Guild Wars (Nodes) and other PVP related content.

Let’s move forward, Kakao Games has officially completed their contract with Pearl Abyss, who decided to self-publish instead of renewing.

This is big for the players, As BDO is one of the biggest MMOs games around alongside WoW & FF14. Boasting nearly 20,000 concurrent players from their 3 Regional Servers from Steam Alone.

Let’s not forget everyone who is playing from Kakao Games (now Pearl Abyss) Web-Login launchers since it was launched first, or their PS4 & XBOX Cross play servers.

I personally am indifferent towards Black Desert Online being self-published.

The reason is not because I rarely play Black Desert anymore, it is more towards, Kakao had nothing to offer, there isn’t anything that would be “missed”.

The servers had high latency at random points, they were a very greedy publisher that felt more towards lining their pockets than assisting the MMORPG community.

They were essentially the middle-man between the player base and the Developer.

To me, a middle-man needs to make the consumer, which is us, safe, satisfied and happy.

Which they did in a way, but also, they didn’t.

Pearl Abyss taking this step forward could only go one of two ways

  • Greed – Since BDO is doing so well, they want to take majority of the profits for themselves.
  • Dissatisfied how Kakao Games handled the game and community and decided to take over.

Transfer Your Account to PearlAbyss

So how does it all work? Find the full detail and FAQ here

Transfer registration period: January 27th, 2021–May 31, 2021

Find below the Transfer Details

January 27, 2021Account Transfer Registration page opens.
February 3, 2021Termination of sale of Gift Packages.
February 10, 2021Termination of sale of Black Desert Online Game Packages, Kakao Cash and in-game Pearl Boxes.
February 24, 2021Termination of Kakao Games’ Black Desert Online service and transfer of service to Pearl Abyss.Remaining web coupon items to be distributed via in-game mail.Account Transfer Registration page temporarily closes.All received Account Transfer Registrations will be processed.
February 25, 2021(tentative)Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Online service is live. Account Transfer Registration page re-opens. Any further Account Transfer Registrations will be processed immediately.
May 31, 2021Account Transfer Registration page closes permanently.
June 1, 2021All non-transferred data will be deleted permanently.

Benefits for Transferring

So how about the benefits?

Aslong you start the transfer well before 24th February.

You will receive

  • Buff until 24th February
    • All AP +1
      All DP +1
  • Get up to 500 Cron Stones
    and 200 million silver worth of items!

While, after the transfer we will receive the following

I know I will be playing again for sure, or maybe, probably. However, I am already logging in daily for the freebies.

I know I can never play serious again as it’s too much dedication, however, this is a beautiful MMORPG game and I want to see how Pearl Abyss manages it.

Outdated Transfer Success
Outdated Transfer Success