Golem Dungeons

Golem Dungeons

What is Golem Dungeons

Golem Dungeons is the fastest and most efficient way to farm your gems (gear) in Monster Super League. While 433 has expanded and explore other ways to get these gems, such as Clan Battles, Colossal Dungeon and Dimensional Rift. You only have a limited amounts of entry per day while Golems are capped on how much energy you have in game to spend.

Golem Dungeons are similar to the boss stages in Story mode you encounter throughout the game, 3 waves and a boss that is accompanied by two Astromons. Throughout the dungeon, the wave Astromon will not be the same version as the collectible ones nor what you encountered throughout story and in League Battles. The waves mobs will have their base stats based towards the type of golem you are fighting. For example, a Defender Golem will have defender based wave mobs.

Another important thing to remember is that, these Golem Bosses at the end all have different sets of skills that can range from additional damage to debuffs. Further, unlike most bosses in game, golems do not have the skill “blessing” meaning, they do not get stronger overtime.

Obtainable Gems

There is 3 main type of “Slots” gems you are able to obtain in game. Each Astromon can receive any slot type obtain collection and the same two Astromons can have completely different slots.

Triangle, Square & Diamond.

MSL Type of Gems
MSL Type of Gems

While each type has an exclusive Stat the others cannot get.

  • Triangle – Crit Damage (CDMG)
  • Square – Crit Rate (CR)
  • Diamond – Resist (RES)

Golem Guides

Golems Stats

StageEnergy CostElementTypeGem GradeGems
B15LightRecovery2 – 3 ★All
B25WaterDefender2 – 4 ★Diamond
B35FireAttacker2 – 4 ★Square
B46WoodTank2 – 4 ★Triange
B56DarkTank3 – 5 ★All
B66LightRecovery3 – 5 ★All
B77WaterDefender4 – 6 ★Diamond
B87FireAttacker4 – 6 ★Square
B97WoodTank4 – 6 ★Triange
B108DarkTank5 – 6 ★All
B119LightRecovery5 – 6 ★All
B1210WaterDefender5 – 6 ★Diamond
B1310FireAttacker5 – 6 ★Square
B1410WoodTank5 – 6 ★Triange
B1511DarkTank5 – 6 ★All
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