Summon Festivals

Summon Festivals

Monster Super League Festivals

In Monster Super League, there is currently three types of Summoning Festivals each month.

  • Clan Festival
  • Primo Festival
  • Hero Festival

Clan Festival

MSL Clan Festival

Clan Festival is usually the one that last the longest. This festival starts either near the end of the month or start of the month, and it last for 2 weeks.

During this time, each time you spend your Astrogem on “10 times + 1 Summon” or “1 Time summon” at the Special Summon shop generate an random amount of Hero’s Essence.

Once you fill up the Hero’s Essence Bar, you will receive a <<Heroic> Secret Egg which can be obtained a maximum of 3 times.

20Common Gift BoxQuality Gift Box
40Common Gift BoxQuality Gift Box
60Common Gift Box <Legendary> Golden Egg
There is no limit to how many times this cycle can happen
Clan Festival Egg Rewards
Clan Festival Egg Rewards

Hero Festival

Hero Festival Times on the other hand is usually during the middle of the month, this festival usually only last for 3 days.

Festival has a total of 7 exclusive Astromons (this has grown from 4) that cannot be obtained anywhere else in game, besides Dark Merlin which is also a Fusion Summon Astromon.

For each Nat5 you summoned, you will receive a Festival Egg that will contain one of the 7 exclusive Hero Festival Astromons of any element. You are only able to obtain 3 Hero Festival Eggs per festival.

Current Hero Festival Astromons

  • Hohenheim
  • Bast
  • Balrona
  • Sanzang
  • Onmyoji
  • Artemis
  • Merlin
Hero Festival Egg Rewards
Hero Festival Egg Rewards

Primo Festival

MSL Primo Festival

Primo Festival was a new festival added in 2021, this festival happens usually after Hero Festival and before Clan Festival, in the later days of the month.

Primo Festival is similar to the Hero festival as it has a limit to how much event rewards you can receive, to a total of 3.

During Primo Festival, all Nat5 chances have been boosted. However, the amount actually boosted is unknown. Each Primo Festival will contain a “different” Astromon than the last one. This can be of any Nat5 Astromon current in game except for the Hero Festival Exclusive ones.

Each 50 Astromons summoned (each pulls is 11 Astromons), you will receive a Legendary Egg (4-5* Egg), whilst on the 150, 300 and 450 Astromon summoned, you will receive an Primo Egg instead. This Egg will contain the special Astromon being promoted during Primo Festival. You are only able to obtain 3 Primo Eggs per festival.

Primo Festival Egg

Primo Festival History

January 2021Scheherazade
February 2021N/A
March 2021Shinobi
April 2021Jeon
May 2021Jormungandr
June 2021Aesir
July 2021Gilgamesh
August 2021Scheherazade
September 2021Jeon Woochi
October 2021Persephone
November 2021Aesir
December 2021Jormungandr
January 2022Gilgamesh
February 2022Glinda
March 2022 Jeon Woochi
April 2022Jeon Woochi
May 2022Scheherazade
June 2022Jormungandr
July 2022Persephone
August 2022Okeanos
September 2022Shinobi
October 2022Nightmare
November 2022Sariel
December 2022

Which Festival Should I Focus On?

Personally, my recommendation is, unless you are in a massive active clan, Clan Festival will not benefit you to the fullest. As each summon you or your clan members do will give you a gift box where you can get goodies such as Gold, Gems, Super Evolution Materials inside includes a special essence currency that you fill up to grab a free Nat 4&5 Egg. This means, a clan effort is needed to maximum rewards for each pull each person does.

Primo Festival is great for players who needs the current promoted Astromon. For example, Gilgamesh Primo Festival during July 2021 would be great for anyone who is still missing a Dark Gilgamesh.

If you are interested in the Hero Festival Exclusives, like me. You would be focusing each month on purely just the Hero Festival instead. As you cannot get these Astromons anywhere else. Some examples would include

  • Light and Dark Balrona is great for both PVE and PVP content respectively.
  • Dark Bast is a great addition to Dragon farming and Dimensional Rifts.
  • Wood and Dark Artemis being great in Content Farming and PVP content.
  • Dark Onmyoji being great in Clan Titans.

Fayiette Festival Summons

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