Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rift

What is Dimensional Rift

433 released Dimensional Rift in Monster Super League in early 2021, it the main method to collect “Dimensional Starstone” currency that assist in raising your Astromon to the highest Evolution Level currently known.

There are three known ways to farm Dimensional Starstones

  • Dimensional Rift Dungeon– Minimum 3 Dimensional Starstones a day
  • <High> Ascension Stone Selection Card – 50 dimensional Starstone for $39.99 AUD
  • Clan Festival Gifts – You have a chance of receiving 1 per gift opened

Dimensional Rift follow the following strict order

  • Sunday – Light Element
  • Monday – Dark Element
  • Tuesday – Fire Element
  • Wednesday – Water Element
  • Thursday – Wood Element
  • Friday – Light Element
  • Saturday – Dark Element

Dimensional Rift Dungeons are slightly different to the boss stages in Story mode you encounter throughout the game. Instead, it will be the following

  • Wave 1 – 4 Normal Astromons
  • Wave 2 – 2 Normal Astromons, 1 Mini-Boss Astromon
  • Wave 3 – 4 Normal Astromon
  • Wave 4 – 2 Normal Astromons, Dimensional Rift Boss

Just like Golem Dungeons, throughout the dungeon, the wave Astromon will not be the same version as the collectible ones nor what you encountered throughout story and in League Battles. The waves mobs will have their base stats based towards the type of Benji you are fighting. For example, an Attacker Fire Benji will have attacker based wave mobs.

Another important thing to remember is that, these Benji Bosses at the end have the same skills the collectable Benji have, it ranges from additional damage to debuffs depending on the element. Also, unlike golems bosses, Benji does have the skill “blessing” meaning, they do get stronger overtime.

Dimensional Rift Guides

Why Should I Do Dimensional Rift

It takes 100 Dimensional Starstones to Super Ascension Astromons.

Super Ascended Astromon receives the following benefits

  • Basic Stat Boost, the following stat will increase
    • HP
    • Defense
    • Attack
    • Recovery
  • A random Super Ascension Passive Skill

Super Ascension Skills

Astromons who undergo super ascension will learn a certain random passive spell.

As the passive spell received is random, you are able to change the passive skill (random again) at the cost using the original materials again.

MSL Super Ascension Skills
Super Ascension Skills

Dimensional Rift Benji

Critical hit rate 30%
Critical hit rate 30%
70% chance to blind for 2 turns
80% chance to blind for 2 turns
80% chance to seal for 2 turns
80% chance to blind for 1 turns
Increases attack as each turn passes
Increases attack as each turn passes
DarkBalanceDefense Down
70% chance to reduce defense for 2 turns
Increases attack as each turn passes
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