Astromons are unique and mystical lifeforms, closer in likeness to the stars than they are to regular organisms. Have you heard of the five stars of Latecia? Each one represents an element: fire, water, wood, light, and dark. Each Astromon’s elemental affinity differs depending on the star under which it is born. Astromons of the same species can be different elements. For example, if a Birdie is born under the aqueous star, it will have power over cold rather than wood. Astromons born in fiery regions will grow up with power over the flames
– Zephyros

What Is An Astromon

Astromons are the Monsters that players collect throughout their journey in Monster Super League.

There are a few methods in collecting Astromons, you can either Capture, Summon, Eggs or Fusion.

An Astromon comes with a set Grade which can be seen with how many ★ it comes with, this is referred to as Natural Number of stars. Nearly all Astromons are available in all 5 elements which are Fire, Wood, Water, Light and Dark along with a main stat assigned.

Main Stats include HP, Defense, Recovery and Attack. Further, each element will provide different skill benefits for both Passive and Active. A variant is a side upgrade as it provide an additional special passive buff along with a different shade of color model.

All Astromon of the same evolution regardless of element will have the same attack animation.

Astromon Inventory Limits

You start off with 50 Slots then you pay additional in-game currency (Gold) to unlock more slots.

Slots UnlockedCost
10 5,000 
Each payment will unlock another 5 additional slots

Astromon Storage

Once you reach 200 inventory slots, you are able to open the Astromon Storage 1 for an small fee of 1,00,00 in-game gold. Further, if you purchase the paid airship (Gems or Real Currency), you will gain access to Storage 2 and 3 which gives you even more slots to stash away your collection of Astromons.

30 Day Airship Purchase for 990 Astrogems will unlock Storage 2, however once the subscription has expired, you will no longer have access to Storage 2 anymore, your Astromons inside will be under a “Frozen” state which are untouchable but once you re-subscribe, you will be able to access them again.

Similar to Astromon Inventory, you can purchase additional slots once you have paid the initial fee.

Slots UnlockedCost
Each payment will unlock another 5 additional slots

4★ Astromons

5★ Astromons

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