Monster Super League

Monster Super League


Monster Super League is a Role Playing Mobile, Monster Collection Game developed by SMARTSTUDY and published by Four Thirty Three (433).

It is available on both IOS and Andriod App.

Additionally, you are able to play the game on the computer through the use of an Emulator or via Google Play Client. I would personally recommend the Google Play Client over emulators as that is the official PC way of playing the game, not to mention it feels a lot less glitchy/buggy, laggy and does not crash as often.


Monster Super League has it’s own unique artwork whether it is cute to stylish to badass, you should be able to find your own favorite Astromons of all size, race and shapes!

There is currently over 550 types of Astromon in game right now with more being added regularly.

There are Astromon tiers, which means, you can get from Normal to Rare to Super Rares to Legendaries.
Monster Super League uses both terms however, the terms Natural (Nat) is more commonly used by the community.

  • Natural 1 (Nat1) are Super Common
  • Natural 2 (Nat2) are Common
  • Natural 3 (Nat3) are Rare & Super Rare
  • Natural 4 (Nat4) are Legendary
  • Natural 5 (Nat 5) are Nat5 & Super Legendary

Currently, there are no such Astromon that is a Natural 6 (Nat6), however, you are able to ascend your Astromons to 6 Stars in-game.

Monster Super League also has in-game chat for social use and for clan. It is not super advance but some channels are super active such as Channel 001, 019, 021 and 069 for example.

Monster Super League has an ever evolving Clan System, giving ways to interact with your Clan mates such as

  • Clan Titan Battle (Region Defense)
  • Clan PVP Conflict

Never ending content and areas to explore along with unique storylines for each.

Monster Super League is known to have new features added constantly with the latest ones being

  • Dimensional Rift
  • Apex Battle

How To Play MSL On PC

If you are looking to play Monster Super League on your PC, you are able to via an Emulator or the Google Play Client.

Fayie recommends using LD Player if the Google Play client is not supported in your region, as it is completely free and super easy to set up and install.

If you are looking to play Monster Super League on your PC, you are able to via an Emulator.

  • Download LDPlayer here
  • Install LDPlayer
  • Launch LDPlayer and search Monster Super League in Google Play Store
  • Install the game
  • Once installation completes, Start the game
  • Enjoy playing Super League on your PC using LDPlayer for free!

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