Fayie has a New Logo!!!

New Logo Inspirations

Fayie Logo

Some of our readers may be closely paying attention, that we changed our Logo a few times this week.

I been busy racking my brain to design a logo from scratch.

It was tough, I wanted to integrate a lot of things in, since I like all of them. But sadly, it just doesn’t work that way.

Lastly, I settled for a Fox as a base. Many would think, why a fox. Well from my deduction, my love for animals outweighs games or anything else.

But why a fox out of all the possible animals and pets?

Well, I couldn’t decide between a dog or cat, even though I’m a cat person, I didn’t want to be bias having a Logo dedicated to Cats only.

So I went a little further, maybe a wild exotic animal which I thought of tigers, leopards, foxes and wolfs. However, that was where the issue existed once again, tigers, leopards are essentially big cats while wolfs are ancestors of dogs. Thus the Dog vs Cat issue once again.

Then it hit me, what about foxes. They are part of the Canidae family which basically translates “dogs”. Which means, they have no DNA or links with felines at all.

Despite this, they look like the cross between a domestic cat & a big cat with a slightly doggish appearance. A perfect middle ground.

Well, that’s the gist of it, not to mention, I love foxes, they are super cute.

Especially the Arctic Fox, one of the photos below shows an almost cat-like stretch. You don’t see dogs do that at all, well kind of do, my little Maltese dog does but it still ain’t as cute as my cats !

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