World of Warcraft – Struggling Getting Gold in DragonRiding?

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight has been one of the better expansions released so far by Activision-Blizzard in the past decade. However, are you sitting there frustrated repeating the DragonRiding race over and over simply because you can’t reach “Gold” in either normal or Advance tracks? Let me teach you a simple easy way to shave off a few seconds.

Dragonriding Races

The Waking ShoresNormalAdvanced
Wingrest Roundabout53 seconds53 seconds
Uktulut Coaster45 seconds40 seconds
Ruby Lifeshrine Loop53 seconds52 seconds
Flashfrost Flyover63 seconds61 seconds
Emberflow Flight50 seconds44 seconds
Wild Preserve Slalom42 seconds40 seconds
Wild Preserve Circuit40 seconds38 seconds
Apex Canopy River Run53 seconds45 seconds
Ohn’ahran PlainsNormalAdvanced
Fen Flythrough48 seconds41 seconds
Ravine River Run49 seconds47 seconds
River Rapids Route48 seconds43 seconds
Emerald Garden Ascent63 seconds56 seconds
Sundapple Copse Circuit49 seconds41 seconds
Mirror of the Sky Dash26 secondsN/A
Maruukai Dash25 secondsN/A
Mirror of the Sky Dash and Maruukai Dash does not have Advanced Mode
The Azure SpanNormalAdvanced
Vakthros Ascent58 seconds56 seconds
Frostland Flyover76 seconds72 seconds
Azure Span Sprint63 seconds58 seconds
Archive Ambit91 seconds81 seconds
Iskaara Tour75 seconds70 seconds
Azure Span Slalom58 seconds56 seconds
Caverns Criss-Cross50 seconds45 seconds
Academy Ascent54 seconds52 seconds
Tyrhold Trial81 seconds75 seconds
Flowing Forest Flight49 seconds40 seconds
Garden Gallivant61 seconds54 seconds
Cliffside Circuit42 seconds40 seconds


Dragon Riding has skills too, you probably have noticed there is one called Bronze Timelock. This is the key skill to shave off a few seconds. As it teleports you back to the location you have originally marked. All you have to do is use it prior to the “last” Gold Ring. Which should always instantly complete the race if you placed it correctly.

Take a look at the video below as an example.

Wow-Struggling Getting Gold In Dragonriding (Vakthros Ascent)
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