MSL Wood Dimensional Rift

Monster Super Leagues Wood Dimensional Rift

Monster Super League Wood Dimensional Rift is one of the 5 new Dimensional Rift dungeons that was released in early 2021.

From personal experience, Wood Dimensional Rift is the easiest Dimensional Rift is the easiest of all 5 elements. While being the easiest it’s rewards are the exact same as the others. Wood Dimensional Rift only appears on Thursday. Wood Element is a Tank based Dungeon, while also the only one that is completely sappable.

In Dimensional Rift, you will be facing a total of 4 rounds with a Mini Boss on Round 2 and the final Boss at Round 4.

The main issues a lot of people face is the trash rounds hit way to hard and Astromons do not use Active during the mini boss round when the two trash beside it is dead.

However, with this guide, you shall not worry at all even if your Astromons are just passively poking them to death!

As mentioned prior, Wood Dimensional Rift is also the only Boss who is completely sappable without any resistance while Fire Dimensional Rift is also sappable but it’s damage is greatly reduced from Greater Sap Resistance Skill.

This is why, in this Wood Dimensional Rift guide, we will bring along a Sapper such as Fire Persephone or a Fire Loki making this dungeon a piece of cake.

Beginner – New Player Tips

If you are attempting Dimensional Rift for the first time ever as a beginner player, where you don’t have any of the Astromons below.

I would focus on building a team that has the following instead.

For Wood Dimensional Rift, you should focus on building 1 DPS for Waves, 1 Healer with Shield preferably to keep your DPS alive and 2 Astromons with high Sap Rate.

DPS’s goal is purely just to get you to the boss room, while Healer should keep the entire team alive throughout. Lastly, the Sappers can easily kill the boss.

Team Compositions

First off, these are the four Astromons I picked for my team, you are able to subsite them as you like but the main composition should be similar or equivalent

Fayie’s Team

  • Wood Hana – Evo 3 (Heal/Def Up/Resistance Down Lead)
  • Dark Hana – Evo 3 (Heal/Zeal)
  • Fire Persephone – Evo 2 (Sap)
  • Fire Draka – Evo 3 (Puncture/Wave Mob Killer)

Possible Substitutes

  • Fire Loki- Evo 3 (Fire Persephone)
  • Dark Yuki – Evo 3 (Fire Persephone)
  • Wood Artemis – Evo 2/3 (Fire Draka)
  • Dark Gilgamesh – Evo 2/3 (Fire Draka)
  • Light Cupid – Evo 3 (Dark Hana)
  • Light Cotteen – Evo 3 (Wood Hana)
  • Light Balrona – Evo 2 (Fire Draka)

Gem Builds

Fayie’s Gem Build for his Team is the following

Wood Dimensional Rift Wood Hana

Wood Hana
Any Rank Above Evo 3

Gem Set
20% HP Life Set
HP %
HP %

B15 Dark Hana

Dark Hana
Anything Rank Above Evo3

Gem Set
20% HP Life Set
HP %

MSL B12 Wood Persephone

Fire Persephone
Anything Rank Above Evo2

Gem Set
+1500 Shield Set
HP %

MSL B11 Fire Draka

Fire Draka
Anything Rank Above Evo3

Gem Set
+x% SP Siphon Set

I promised you that my golem guides would be as closely related to each other, this will stay true with my Dimensional Rift Guides. In fact besides Wood and Water Dimensional Rift, the other 3 teams are 100% the same that can be ran on auto-play. There is absolutely no need to go find another Astromon unless you are Min-Maxing times. Granted saving a few seconds each auto adds up eventually, but as a casual player such as myself and majority of you out there it’s just not a viable option.

With the only “New” Astromon in this list being Wood Hana, the others were used commonly throughout Golem B11 to Golem B15.

I split the team into four main groups, Wave DPS, Boss Sap, SP regen and heals.

  • Draka falls under Wave DPS and SP regen
  • Fire Persephone falls under Boss Sap
  • Dark Hana falls under SP regen and heals
  • Wood Hana falls under Sub heals

Idea behind the team composition is that Draka clears the waves as soon as possible, where she will shine the most during Actives on both wave mobs and Boss. That’s where Dark Hana comes into play, with Hana’s active being Zeal and Draka already having insane SP Regens rates from her passive and Siphon Gem Set, she will have Active constantly up. Wood Hana main goal is to keep the Attack Down on both the Mini-Boss and Boss while using Def Up to mitigate damage. Lastly, Fire Persphone is the main DPS for the final boss, with her double sapping skill set, she has no issues burning the boss down in a few turns. Once you have build it similar to mine or better. As for my team, due to me having quite a few flat gems that I haven’t replaced yet, and only 1 Hana being Super Ascended along with non-upgraded trinkets, there still quite lots of room for improvement.

Dark Hana HP Trinket
Dark Hana HP Trinket


I never mentioned Trinkets in my Golems Guides besides Golem B15, simply due to the fact that it isn’t really needed. Dimensional Rift is similar to MSL Golem B15. Well they ain’t completely needed, it is still best to have some decent trinkets inside. For example, my Wood Hana has a mixture of non-upgraded variants and 1 +10 4* variant, my Fire Persephone and Dark Hana has a few mix of 4* & 5* Variants between +0 and +15. While my Fire Draka has a mixture of 5* & 6* Variants at +15 due to being my main Astromons for content.

Below, I have a video that that utilizes the Astromons mentioned above to demonstrate it’s effectiveness and speed.

Light Cupid instead of Dark Hana
Dark Hana instead of Light Cupid
Fayie Enterprise